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In November 2021 Seniores Italia Lazio OdV proposed the EST (European Seniors Togheter) project to the European Commission for  financing through Erasmus 2021 funds. The project involves the following organizations: OTECI / France, SES / Germany, ONKENTES / Hungary, Centrum Voluntariatu / Poland, AULEDA (Albania), VSP OdV / Italy, Seniores Italia Lazio / Italy, and will last 2 years starting from June 2022, when the activities of the project , financed with an amount of 60,000 euros , will be launched.
The EST project intends to promote in Europe and, especially in Eastern Europe, the concept of active aging which is the basis for the creation and development of a Senior association that is functional to supporting young people.
Having clear idea that Seniors Professionals are a resource for society, EST intends to support NGOs in each partner country so that they are able to contribute to the creation of other Seniors Organizations capable of helping the younger generations in the delicate phase of entering into the world of work. The actions promoted by EST are focused on the collaboration between Volunteer Associations of the countries of Western, Central and Eastern Europe.
It is important to underline the value for society based on the integration of Senior professionals in their training and tutoring action (mentoring) in favor of the younger generations through the establishment of a network between the European Seniors Associations which must also include those of the countries of the Eastern Europe, involved in the partnership, sharing with them the best practices in place in Western, Central and Eastern European NGOs and, where necessary, adapting them to local legislation and cultures.
Finally, the project foresees the organization of 4 meetings of the Steering and Coordination Committee (in Turin, Lyon, Bonn and Tirana) to share, analyze and adapt the methodological approaches already tested in each of the 6 partner countries of the project.

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