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Gruppo Studenti Smilling

- "Giovani & Impresa" (G&I)

Traditional curriculum content does not always manage to effectively cover all new issues and it is often difficult to get students actively involved. Seniores Italia Lazio offers knowledge that completes school content, creating networks of people, experiences and energies to put them at the service of our young people and the society of tomorrow. Seniores Italia Lazio deeply believes in young people and their potential, which is why it supports them during their school years, guiding them in the realization of their professional future and personal growth based on their aspirations.

- "Start up & Business Plan"

The course is intended for 4th year high school students. During the three days of the seminar we aim to transfer the main concepts of general and business economics starting from the critical analysis of the context in which we live (economic, technological, sociological ...) and to provide a methodology for the development of start-up projects up. Activity carried out on the basis of an agreement with the Sodalitas Foundation of Milan and recognized by the MIUR.

- Written Communication and information

Improve students' oral communication skills and their knowledge about the world of information and disinformation. The course aims to "build a bridge" between theoretical training and the dynamics of practical experience. It is based on the centrality of the person with the aim of developing awareness and attitudes to interpersonal interaction and communication. Carried out 9 courses since 2019 with the involvement of about 220 fourth-year students from 3 Institutes of Education in Rome.

Senior projects in the field of Youth Development have been included in the Ceses SENT programme
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