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Who we are

Starting from December 2014, Seniores Italia Lazio OdV is an association of professional volunteers that operates locally, nationally and internationally for the implementation of training and consulting activities.

From 1994 to 2014 it was the Lazio regional headquarters of Seniores Italia Partner, a senior professional volunteer organization founded in 1994 to support Italian cooperation in developing countries.


Seniores Italy Lazio:

  • is a member of the European Confederation of Senior Expert Services (CESES) in Brussels

  • is accredited by the European institutions

  • participates with senior associations from other Member States in projects sponsored and funded by the European Union

  • is at the service of the Lazio Third Sector Forum and local institutions with orientation, training and consultancy activities agreed with the interested parties.


Seniores Italia Lazio has diversified and qualified professionals within it as each volunteer is the bearer of professional experiences developed in structures operating both in the private business sector and in the public institutional sector.


Professional training is one of the activities that Seniores Italia Lazio volunteers carry out with greater frequency and particular enthusiasm because it is the one that best interprets their vocation: to transfer their experience to others and extend their professional life through the beneficiary.

Our Vision

Intergenerational and intercultural solidarity as the driving force for a sustainable future.

Our Mission

Promote intergenerational and intercultural solidarity by facilitating dialogue between qualified volunteers  and the community/organizations involved in youth development, cooperation for the development,  cultural integration and the equal and sustainable development in the community where we operate.

Our Values

Solidarity: We do not-for-profit work.

Responsibility: We contribute to the social cohesion and to the sustainable development of our society.

Integrity: We are honest and ethical.

Respect: We respect the diversity of our colleagues and of the culture we meet during our activities.

Passion: passion and enthusiasm animate our actions in all activities.

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